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Bring the Pain

All the problems make me wanna go. Like a bad girl straight to video.

15 June 1989
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Hrmm my Thinger is friends only. ^_^ But if you comment I'll more then likely add you no matter what.
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Name: Timothy Michael Cook ~Dies~
Names I Go By: Murdy ~^_^~, Darky, Blackfeet ~Don't ask~, Tim, Caveman, Black Magick
Gender: Male
Status: N/A
Location: Imperial, California
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Favorite Stuff ^_^
Food: Chicken and Ham
Drink: Pepsi
Bands and or Singers: H.I.M, Dir en grey, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Rancid, Gackt, Miyavi, Due le Quartz, Alicenine, hide, Gazette, Finger 11, Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, The Used, The TRAX, Transplants, UnderOATH, From First To Last, Thrice, Tenacious D, System of a Down, Sum 41, Story Of The Year, Shinedown, Seether, Sage Francis, Rolling Stones, Roxy Music, Rob Zombie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Pink Spiders, A Perfect Circle, Papa Roach, Motorhead, Motley Crue, Marcy Playground, Metallica, Linkin Park, Kamelot, Kagrra,, Judas Priest, The Johnny Thunders, Jimmy Eat World, Jimi Hendrix <3, Iron Maiden, Incubus, Hot Hot Heat, 311, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Helloween, Hawthorne Heights, Hawksley Workman, Gym Class Heroes, Goo Goo Dolls, Foo Fighters, The Exies, Dio, Daniel Lioneye, Cheap Trick, Crossfade, Boxcar Racer, Bloc Party, Blink 182, Brand New, Breaking Benjamin, Bleeding Through, Black Label Society, Avenged Sevenfold, Apathy, Apocalyptica, ACDC, Aerosmith
Guitarists: Jimi Hendrix, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads, Tony Iommi, Angus Young, Lily Lazer (Linde), Kaoru, Die, Miyavi, Zacky Vengance.
Drummers: Shinya, Bill Ward, TheRev, Gas
Singers: Ozzy, Alice, Kyo-sama, Shou, Ronnie James Dio, Zakk Wylde
Bassists <3: Toshiya, Geezer Butler, Saga-sama, Reita, The Wicked Dirty Phat Bass Player Josh, Mige
Sport/activity: Football, WWE Wrestling, Skateboarding, Wakeboarding
Favorite Skater: Jim Greco
Favorite Football Player: Randy Moss
Favorite Wrestlers: Rey Mysterio, Amazing Red, Aj Styles, Jeff Hardy
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Current Tasks
-Get a Job
-Get Money
-Get a Car
-Skate better
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